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The God-Way

The Way back to God is not of man’s making but of God’s, and it is free from artifice and artificiality. God draws man back to Himself through His chosen elect, the Godman, to Whom the secret of the Path, the God-way, is revealed directly or made manifest by some Sant Satguru, for the benefit of the people.

The Masters, the Messiahs, the teachers and prophets all the world over fall into two categories with a separate mission assigned to each. There are, on the one hand, those whose sole purpose is to keep the world going harmoniously; and, on the other hand, there are those who are commissioned to lead back souls who are ripe for home-going, and yearn for an early return to the Source Spiritual from which they parted long ago and drifted downwards to the material plane. In the first category fall all the reformers, and in the second such Sants and Sadhs as are competent to reveal the God-knowledge and to make manifest the power of God in man.

The process of ascent back to the Source is just the reverse of that of descent down to the physical plane; and one has, therefore, to reintegrate oneself, to gather up all his wandering wits at the still point of the soul – in between and behind the two eyes – where time and Timelessness intersect, before the spirit comes to its own and launches upon the sea of life for an Inner Journey homewards. This, in fact, has been the sole theme of all sages and seers everywhere. None of Them, moreover, wanted to set up any new creed or institutionalized religion.

While referring to the existence of so many religions and creeds in the world, all bristling with bewildering theories and conflicting dogmas, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj (1858–1948) used to remark,

There are already so many wells all over; why should anyone dig any more pitfalls and make confusion worse confounded?

God made man in His own image; and man made religions, each in his own image, and in his zeal made fetishes of them all. True Religion in its inception is fresh and simple like a newly-born babe bubbling over with vital life, but in course of time, like any other thing, it develops into an institution. And with that, it begins to deteriorate, and tends to lose its native vital elasticity born of the living touch of the Master-Spirit, and gradually comes to acquire a socio-economic appearance. Instead of serving as a silken bond of Love between man and man, it becomes a source of constant strife, rancour and ill-will, tearing class from class and nation from nation, and country from country.

When the cup of human misery is filled to the brim, then comes the Saviour with the message of hope, redemption and fulfilment for strife-torn humanity. He tries to dress up the festering social wounds and preaches oneness and equality to man in order to restore the equilibrium in the scales of human values. Alongside this, His main objective is to save human souls for a higher purpose: a True Life of the spirit as distinguished from that of the flesh.

Such, indeed, has been the goal of Great Masters like Zoroaster, Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Kabir and Nanak, each in His own time, according to the then prevailing conditions and people’s aspirations; for They always try to lead them from the line of least resistance, and dole out the basic goodness in terms that may readily appeal to and fit in with their mental make-up for a step higher in the process of evolution or unfoldment of the spirit. This is what They do for the general run of mankind, deriving Their inspiration from the Great Reservoir of the spirit within, which is the same for all.