Editorial Appendix


Same day in the evening when I was with Him, Hazur said:1

Kirpal Singh! I have done half of your work and have given Naam to over one and a half lakh persons and the rest you have to accomplish.


Sawan, Your cup of Naam, You gave to all of us. Intoxication was ours. Forgotten was Thy Simran by some. Simran of the world took place instead. It lasted too long.

Now, Kirpal has come to save us all. Every hour, every minute seemed to last eternity! The Rules must be obeyed, because Kirpal, You are the only Ruler.

Separation came through Maya, the gambler of Kal. The Dice are the game, the rule is to win or to loose. In both cases the soul could be the winner.

The soul cannot win against Kal, only overcome him through the permanency of Shabd Dhun! If the soul wins, Kirpal is her, if the soul looses, She belongs to Kirpal! In both cases the soul is the winner. Let Kirpal fix the rules!

This Yug is unique. There will be none alike! 14 came, 70 helped, 500.000 could do it, but none succeeded.

You Kirpal are the Only, will be the Only and none is like You, for Kirpal is the One and the Only!

Bhai Jamal2


Explanation: 1) For the context see chapter 'Hazur’s Disease and His Spiritual Succession'. 1 ½ lakh = 150,000. 2) Pen name.

lllustration: Maya or Adhya, daughter of Sat Purush, companion of Kal. See the Anurag Sagar by Kabir. 14 Saints are to come in Kali Yuga, from Nanak Sahib to Sawan Singh, there will be 70 Bhagats (worshippers / lovers of God)  in Kali Yuga. 500,000 souls received Naam, 150,000 thereof through Hazur Sawan Singh, He helped Kirpal’s mission. 150,000 have been initiated by Kirpal Singh Himself and 200,000 shall be it after Kirpal Singh’s departure and more is possible! 

Kirpal said analogously: 

I want all of you to become my ambassadors. 

For further explanations see the button Anurag Sagar on this website.