His Lifework

His innate desire was to bring together all the religions on a common platform and to knit together the entire humanity in one thread and then to put them all on to the one ancient prosperous Path of Spirituality which leads to the common goal of all religions.

He said:

The essentials of all religions are the same. God is One. All the humanity are His children and are thus related as brothers. The whole creation is just a manifestation of that one Reality – one soul that stretches its force and influence everywhere – one Light spreading its radiance in the entire universe – one Sun that shines upon each atom.

Why then all this discord and disharmony in the world? The passion of hatred and animosity which has led to the bloodshed of hundreds and thousands of innocent souls, is certainly the outcome of wrong interpretation and degeneration of the ways of living – Shariatt1. The one successful method to check this storm of reckless devastation and vandalism and to unite the whole mankind into one Universal Brotherhood is that sensible and conscious leaders and heads of all sects instead of concentrating their activities in their own limited narrow circles should meet at one place to educate and inculcate the common principles of Religion – viz. exalted noble character – emanating from Oneness of soul. We are all souls, we are indwellers of the house, the body, and not the body itself. Thus by rectifying the condition of the indweller all the rest of the bodily concern can surely be improved in the right manner.

Hazur Maharaj Sahib presented to the world the teachings of the Saints in a distilled form in a memorable work in Punjabi script– ‘Gurumat Sidhant2.’ This book was written under explicit instructions of the Master to serve as a lighted torch an the Path of Spirituality. Such a powerful piece of literature in Punjabi has not seen the light of day during the last 500 years. This valuable treasure of the ‘Knowledge of God’ acquired the lifetime of Hazur a considerable reputation and elicited appreciation from far and near.

Throughout His Lifetime He left no stone unturned for reforming and improving the angle of vision of the masses. In spite of His attaining the age of 90. He set aside all His bodily comforts and stubbornly devoted 18 out of 24 hours of the day in the service of humanity and thus afforded Spiritual Satisfaction to every aspirant both publicly and seclusion.


Explanation: 1) The course of life (editor’s note). 2) This voluminous treasure of Divinity comprises of two volumes and is spread over 2000 pages. It is being transcribed in other languages including English. Two volumes were printed in Hazur’s lifetime, and the third one was under preparations when Hazur left us. This will be issued by Kirpal Singh by Whom the first two volumes were also issued (publisher’s note, 1973).

See also the button Gurumat Sidhant on this website (editor’s note, 2010).

(Editorial supplementation, 2010 – to the edition of the existing original manuscript from 1939 see book 'The Light of Kirpal' or interview with Robert Redeen from 14 September 1970 in Rajpur, near Dehradun, India.)