Disciple meets Master

He was stationed in Murree hills for a long time and this afforded Him opportunities of meeting all kinds of pilgrims bound for Shree Amar Nath1. This constant search after God for a number of years was at last crowned with success. The prophecy of Baba Kahan was fulfilled. In 1894 one day, while He was engaged as usual in His official duties in the hills of Murree Baba Jaimal Singh – the crest jewel among the disciples of Swami Shiv Dayal Singh Ji2 – passed that way with one of His disciples. Thinking Him to be some petitioner on an errand of filing an appeal to the Commissioner, He paid no attention whatever towards Baba Jaimal Singh Ji.

Baba Ji3 addressing His companion said:

I have come here for this Sardar.

This disciple was surprised and replied:

This gentleman had not even the courtesy to greet Thee.

Baba Ji smiled and said,

This poor fellow is not to blame. He is ignorant and does not know. He shall come to us on the fourth day from now.

Everything turned out exactly as Baba Ji had said and on the fourth day He came to the place where Baba Ji was staying, and for hours had a talk with Him on Spirituality. A few days’ association dispelled all His doubts and banished scepticism from His mind. The practical life and teachings of Baba Ji nade so deep impression on Him that He looked upon Baba Ji as a beacon-light for His life’s journey. The meeting of the Master like Jaimal with a disciple like Sawan was the greatest Spiritual Consummation. The Master dyed the disciple in His own fast and unfading colour.

Under the guidance of Baba Ji, Sardar Sawan Singh Ji very soon passed both the stages in the path of theology, viz. knowledge and Reality and became the lodestar of the former. In 1903 when Baba Ji left His mortal frame, He consigned the work of Spirituality to Sardar Sawan Singh Ji. People used to address Him respectfully as ‘Maharaj Ji’ or ‘Hazur Maharaj Sahib.’


Explanation: 1) A place of Hindu pilgrimage. 2) Swami Shiv Dayal Singh Ji was the Saint Who revived the teachings of Sant Mat. 3) Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj was styled ‘Baba Ji.’