Introductory Note

In this short Pamphlet is given a life-sketch of that Holy Personality at Whose feet I have been fortunate to sit.

Sawan Singh, l., together with Kirpal Singh (Jamal), r.

An humble atom is hardly in the position to mention the vastness and virtues of the sun. Yet the hope, that an account of the Sacred Life of His Holiness will serve as a beacon-light for guidance of many souls who have gone astray, prompted me to attempt this difficult subject.

If His Mercy continues to pour blessings, I hope to present shortly a detailed and lucid biography of this Godman. 

Humble atom


Note: The text of this book has been taken from the fourth print edition from 1973 (editor’s note, 2010).

Explanation: 1) Pen Name of Kirpal Singh (publisher’s note, 1973).