The Words of the Master 

When one is reborn in the house of the Master, that is, when one takes shelter with him, one should give up all previous spiritual or other practices and ask him what to do.

Other practices cannot free one from birth and death and unite one with the Lord. It is the duty of the disciple to follow the path taught him by the Master. Whatever he does in obedience to the wishes of the Master is giving devotion to him. 

If a passenger follows the directions of the boatman while in his boat, he gets across the river. He should therefore obey the directions without any objection. His welfare depends upon his doing so.

The Master is responsible for his disciple in all matters. The disciple should therefore lovingly carry out the orders of the Master, and not let his own whims interfere with them, even though the Master's orders may sometimes appear a trifle strange at the first glance. The Master is all-powerful. There may be something which we do not understand. 

Hafiz Sahib says:

Dye your prayer-cloth in wine if the Master so directs, for you do not know the spiritual path but he does.

Dye your prayer-cloth in wine if the Master so directs; for he is not unaware of the path and its ways.

How can he who merely does lip-service and does not carry out the Master's orders gain spiritual salvation? He who obeys the Master is dear to him.

Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.

 St James 1-22

Engage in the practice of listening to the Shabd. Do not merely give lip-service to the Master. How can you derive full benefit by merely seeing and hearing the Master? 

The Gurus say:

Take the words of the Master to be true. Let them dwell in your heart and make your life fruitful.

Believe in the words of the Master, and let them dwell in your mind. In this birth as a human being, try to get freedom from the bondage of the body.

Sawayye M4, 1401-10

The words of the Master are not separate from him. The Master pervades them. His words are outpourings of his heart and are permeated with his truth and soul-force. Such words permeate the hearts of spiritually-minded persons like arrows and produce a sweet pain, which cannot be described.

The devotee thirsts for the Lord, and the words of the Master pierce him like arrows. Only the wounded know these pains; others do not realize them.

 Bilawal M4, 835-19

The words of the Master bear fruit in accordance with the extent to which you act upon them. To obey the Master is to give devotion to him. 

Guru Ram Das says:

Think of the Master always, whether sitting or standing, walking or travelling. The Master is the Word and the Word is the Master. He will emancipate you through the Word.

Think of him while sitting, standing or walking; the Master is the Word and the Word is the Master. You will be emancipated through the Word.

 Kanra M4, 1310-2

The words of the Master are very sweet and pleasant. You are filled with nectar through them. By acting in accordance with the words of the Master one becomes immortal.

Blessed is the Guru's Word, for with it one attains the Lord's Nectar, as Ambrika, the king, attained the eternal state by uttering ever the Guru's Word.

The words of the Master are sweet; one gets Nectar through them. The devotee reaches the eternal abode; he should contemplate on the Master's words.

Kanra M4, 1311-12

To repeat the mantra given by the Master according to his directions, and to practise it, is true devotion and the essence of truth.

Repeat the Simran as directed by the Master; this is devotion and the essence of Truth.

 Ramkali M5, 895-7

To practise as directed by the Master is right thought.

Act as directed by the Master; this is right thought.

 Sri Rag M5, 52-10

The Word of the Master dwells with the devotee. Water cannot drown it, the air cannot dry it, thief cannot steal it and fire cannot burn it. It is imperishable, everlasting and inscrutable. It is the sustainer of the helpless. It protects one's honour. Through it one is freed from death and all doubts are destroyed.

The Word of the Master dwells with us; water cannot drown it, a thief cannot steal it, fire cannot burn it.

 Dhanasri M5, 679-10

The Word of the Master is imperishable. The Word of the Master frees one from death. The Word of the Master is inscrutable. The Word of the Master removes all doubts.

 Gauri M5, 177-4

The Gurus direct that 'Ram Naam', the Name of the Lord, be praised through the words of the Master. One can journey towards one's original Home by following his directions. The cycle of birth and death will cease. All of this can be had only in the company of the Saints.

Practise the Lord's Name as directed by the Master; search for it in the company of Saints. Seek for the original Home as directed by them. The cycle of birth and death will then cease.

 Maru M1, 1030-7

This wealth cannot be had by those who are puffed up with pride. Many persons who visit the Master sing holy hymns, but what the hymns tell of, is fruitful only in the case of those who practise the teachings of the hymns and the directions of the Master, believing them to be true.

Seekers and disciples come to worship, and all sing the holy hymns. The singing of those alone is fruitful, who act on the words of the Master as true.

Dhanasri M4, 669-14

Those who see the Master repeatedly begin to love him, and those who act on his words, believing them to be true, are dear to the Lord.

Those who visit the Master repeatedly learn to love him very much. They believe his words to be true, and they are very dear to the Lord.

 Nat M4, 982-2

Practise as the Master directs. You will then recognise the Shabd and easily reach the abode of peace. You will enjoy real bliss and cross the ocean of existence.

Do as the Master says, and you will recognise the Shabd and reach the eternal abode. The eternal Naam (Name) glorifies.

Bilawal M3, 832-17

He who does as directed by the Master is happy and gets the essence of peace. He is freed from fear and is ferried across.

 Sarang Var M3, 1248-8

It is very necessary to obey the Master and act within his will. The salvation of the disciple depends upon this. Everyone may see the Master. But it is very necessary to obey his words and practise the Shabd imparted by him.

All the world can see the Master, but this does not lead to salvation unless one practises the Shabd.

Vadhans M3, 594-11

The Master should, however, be an adept in the practice of the Shabd or Divine Sound so that he may make the Shabd dwell in us. The Shabd is not in the nine doors of the body. 

Only he who has knowledge of the Shabd beyond the nine doors deserves to be called a Master. When one gets such a Master, he should act according to his instructions and remain within his will. 

By doing so he will make his life fruitful and will emancipate his family also. He does not then have to suffer.

The life of those who obey the Master is blessed. Their mothers are blessed and their family is redeemed.

Sri Rag M3, 28-10

He who acts within the will of the Master does not suffer any ill. The Nectar is given at the will of the Master. He who submits, drinks.

 Sri Rag M3, 31-14

By remaining within his will, a disciple gets the Nectar of immortality. As a result, he reaches the original Abode.

Oh mind, listen to the Master, and act on his advice. Come to live in the original Home. Drink the Nectar and be happy.

Sri Rag M3, 37-2

Who acts upon the words of the Master? He alone, to whom the Master is kind.

He to whom the Lord is kind acts on the words of the Master.

 Prabhati M5, 1348-10

He who acts upon the words of the Master and realizes the Lord, has no equal. We should, therefore, repeat the Name of the Lord.

Oh mind, repeat the Name of the Lord. He who obeys reaches the abode of the Lord. There is no one as powerful as He.

 Gond M4, 891-5

The Gurus describe many benefits that result from acting upon the words of the Master. One praises the Lord. He becomes dyed in His colour. His tongue tastes the Nectar. All of his actions prove successful. He gets the possession of the nine treasures. Diseases and fevers are banished. One's desires are fulfilled. The mind becomes still. Egotism is destroyed. Pain and pleasure appear to be the same. Harmful desires and cravings are banished. Sins are gotten rid of and sinners are redeemed. The poison of Maya leaves us. One becomes indifferent as to whether one is in the home or outside. The snare of death is destroyed and death does not come near. One does not go to hell. Birth and death cease. Great contentment is experienced. One concentrates easily. The nectar is obtained. One is connected with the Name and his devotion proves fruitful. 

On realising the Lord, the seeker and the Lord become One.