The Hand of the Master on one’s Head 

The Master is the great and inexhaustible storehouse of mercy. But he sometimes has strange ways of showing his mercy. Some he redeems simply with one kind glance. He has springs of Naam or the Holy Spirit within him. If he places his hand on the head or forehead of any disciple, that disciple is redeemed. 

The Gurus have described the benefits of this act. 

The Master, by placing his hand on the head of the devotee, gives him a vision of the Lord. The Naam or Shabd manifests itself inside. The disciple benefits from the spiritual current which flows from his hands, and all his sins are wiped off.

I am happy; I am at peace; the Master so ordained it. The Shabd dwells within me. He gave me the vision of the Lord by placing His hand on my forehead.

 Sri Rag M5, 73-17

The jewel of the Lord's Naam dwells in my heart, for the Master has placed His hand on my head. The accumulated sins of many births have been removed; the debt of ages is wiped out by Naam.

 Jaitsri M4, 696-3

Those on whose head the Master places his hand are very fortunate and rare.

Blessed is he who has the wealth of the Lord: He is fortunate on whose head the Master places His hand.

 Bhairon M3, 1155-17

The head on which the Master places His hand is one amongst millions of devotees.

Prabhati 1340-15

His hand helps the disciple in situations of every description, and the disciple need not concern himself about obtaining help from anyone else. All bow to the Master; all the worlds pay him obeisance.

His power is recognised in the four corners of the world. He placed his hands on my head, and was kind to me. He removed all my sufferings.

 Dhanasri M5, 641-17

He is bountiful, most powerful and great. This servant has praised him in a few words. I have no need for anybody's help, if the Master places His hand on my head.

 Sawayye M4, 1405-1

The world bows to him, and falls at his feet; the world and the heavens pay homage to him on whose forehead the Master places His hand. The Perfect Master makes him perfect.

 Gauri Var M4, 309-5

The disciples of the Master are blessed. They live and make spiritual progress under His constant and never-failing protection.