The Gift of the Lord and the Master 

The spiritual Path is not easy. It is, in fact, very difficult.

It is said in the Katha Upanishad:

Arise, awake. Go to the holy men and get knowledge from them. The learned say that this Path is sharp as a razor's edge and it is difficult to tread it.

Katha Upanishad 14

In the Holy Quran, the Path is described as the Pul Sirat, Razor Bridge which is sharp as a razor's edge and narrow as a hair. 

Bhai Gurdas also says that following the Master is like treading a path that is as narrow as a hair and as sharp as a razor. One feels diffident about entering the path after reading the difficult rules and formalities mentioned in the Vedas and other scriptures. How, one thinks, can a weak and helpless man, who is a prey to worldly attachment and Maya, contend against five powerful enemies, lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride? How can he cross the ocean of existence ?

It is true that the Lord sends the Masters to redeem us. It is, however, not easy to serve them and act within their will. Unless the Lord and the Master shower their Grace, it is extremely difficult to progress spiritually. The Lord is merciful. He, in His compassion, unites whomsoever He likes with Himself.

He sustains all the world; Devotees, by His Grace, are united unto Him. The living beings have no power of their own; they have nothing to say about the matter.

Sri Rag M3, 32-7

It is true, however, that the Lord leads one, to whom He is kind to His incarnation, the perfect Master. The Master then connects him with the Shabd, which takes him to the Lord.

Those who serve not the True One, serve the other one, and go to destruction. Oh Nanak, the Master is kind; He connects us with the Shabd.

Gauri M4, 315-3

By His Grace one meets a Master and serves Him. He connects the soul with the Shabd.

 Majh M3, 110-1

When the Lord is kind, one meets a Master. One then contemplates on the Name of the Lord.

Suhi M4, 757-10

The virtues found in the Lord are found in the Master also. He too is the redeemer of the fallen and is merciful. He forgives their sins and bestows on them Naam, the Name, which helps them to rise.

My Master is the redeemer of the fallen; I rely on Him. He hears the prayers of Nanak, and He forgives all.

Sorath M5, 620-4

Great is the Perfect Master, like the Lord; serve Him and gain infinite happiness. Through His Grace the Lord forgives the sinner, and His Name helps him to rise.

Gauri Var M4, 30507

The Master even goes to the extent of forgiving his critics, and often times even draws them to him.

One who slanders the Master and then takes shelter with Him, is forgiven His sin and admitted to the Holy Company.

 Bilawal Var M4, 854-18

He cleanses innumerable sinners of their sins and takes them across the ocean of worldly existence.

He forgives the sinners, and they contemplate on the True Name. He takes them across the ocean on board His ship.

Sorath M3, 638-12

The Master is the true Lord. He is an ocean of mercy. Everything is had by his Grace.

The Lord gave us the Master, and the Master is the true sustainer. When the Master is pleased, oh Nanak, you are blessed.

 Gauri Majh M5, 218-9

The Grace of the Lord and the Master is in the gift of Naam, which is the Word or Holy Spirit. The Masters always emphasize its importance and help us through it.

The Lord blesses the devotees with Naam, and its glory increases from day to day. The Lord takes the devotees to the original abode; all honour be to Him.

Gauri Var M4, 316-5

You are unknowable and unfathomable, and one has your vision only by good fortune. The Lord Himself was kind, and the Master bestowed the Name.

Asa M5, 406-4

There is no higher gift than that of Naam in this world or even beyond it.

There is no wealth equal to that of Naam; He alone is true to whom the Lord gives it.

 Asa M3, 364-13

The gift of Nam and access to the Lord can be obtained only through the Master and his company.

He alone is great to whom the Lord is kind; by the Master's Grace He dwells in the mind.

Gauri M3, 159-6

The merciful Lord was kind; oh Nanak, He gave the company of holy men.

 Asa M5, 391-12

The way to obtain the Grace of the Master is to practise listening to the Divine Sound of the Naam and constant remembrance of the Lord. The Master is then kind and bestows his Grace and the practice is successful. Both things, the practice and the Grace, are interdependent. They are like the two wheels on which a cart moves.

He, in His Grace, bestows the Name.

Suhi M1, 729-18

Nothing but Name can help us; Treat pleasure and pain alike. Do not give up the Name; the Lord Himself gives it, and the Master unites us with it.

Asa M1, 416-2

If the Lord is forgotten for a moment, that moment is wasted. Remember Him with every breath, and He will forgive you of His own sweet will.

 Gujri M3, 506-14

By recognising the law and living according to the will of the Lord, the Master is pleased.

They who know the 'Word' have no regrets; oh Nanak, let the Name dwell in the heart.

 Gujri M5, 523-6

When the Saints bestow Naam according to the will of the Lord, no power can destroy it. The seed of Naam, which they sow in the heart, cannot but bear fruit. The disciple will certainly reach the Lord one day.

Truth is attained by His Grace; it is a gift bestowed by His will. No one can deprive us of it.

Sri Rag M1, 62-12

Oh my mind, be ever engaged in devotion, for a devotee always gives devotion. The treasure of devotion is gift from the Lord; no one can deprive you of it.

Vadhans Var M3, 589-2

Kal and Maya cannot destroy the seed of Naam planted by the Master, for the Master is beyond their reach. He is the True Being or the Lord. The lords of the subtle and causal regions cannot undo his acts.

No one can undo his acts; He forgives and redeems at will.

 Solhe M5, 1030-16

No one can go against the order of the Master; oh Nanak, the Master is the Lord Himself.

Gond M5, 865-2

The bounty of the Lord is endless. There is no limit to it.

Oh Nanak, His bounty is endless.

Asa M1, 358-12

This bounty can be had by a great good fortune only.

You are unknowable and unfathomable; one has Your vision only by good fortune. The Lord Himself was kind, and the Master bestowed the Naam.

Asa M5, 406-4

On receiving this bounty one is released from the cycle of coming and going (birth and death).

When the Lord forgives, there is no more coming and going.

Vadhans M3, 571-8

Coming and going ceases, and one dwells in the original abode. He gave the true treasure; it was so willed by Him.

Maru M3, 993-18

Only a devotee gets this treasure, and no one else.

Oh Nanak, He is all in all; there is no other like Him. He gives the treasure of devotion, and the devotee is full of happiness.

Maru M3, 994-9

If the Master takes me to task I accept it gladly. If he forgives me, it is his greatness. The devotees understand him. Those who are egotistic fail to do so.

Suhi M4, 758-6

It is only through the Master's Grace that one can repeat the Name.

When He is kind, one repeats the Name; no one else can sing His praises.

 Asa M1, 416-4

One should therefore not be proud. One can do nothing by oneself.

The Lord is the doer and the cause; He knows the secrets of all hearts.

 Gauri M5, 266-11

A seeker should therefore humbly wait at the door of the Master and hope for His Grace.