His Way of Life

The Master's Way of Life is of a particular kind, and it distinguishes Him from others.

  1. The Master is bountiful. He is never a beggar. He does not hanker after anything. He earns his own living. He is a burden on no one. He maintains himself, and helps the helpless and the suffering.

    He is no Master, who begs from door to door. Do not bow to such a one. He who labours and gives in charity, oh Nanak, he is on the right path.

     Sarang Var M4, 1245-17 
  2. He charges no fees and does not accept any donations for his teachings. He imparts them free of charge. His teachings are free, like the other bounties of nature such as air, water, sunlight and so forth.

  3. His ornaments are prayer and humility. Despite the fact that he is all-powerful, he does not boast that he can do anything out of the ordinary. He always says that it is the Lord who does something, or that it is being done by his Satguru. Truly, a fruit-laden branch bends humbly. He who considers himself humble is truly great.

    He who is humble is truly great.

    Gauri Sukhmani M5, 276-7

  4. He is not opposed to anybody and does not complain about the conduct of anyone. Even if someone bears him ill-will, he forgives him. He does not criticise anybody, and he does not slander anyone. He loves everybody, including his enemies. He believes and lives up to the precept: "Love thy enemies.

  5. He is the radiant sun of purity, universal wisdom, truth and spirituality. He is spiritual, and seekers after spirituality gather round him like moths and make their lives fruitful by obtaining spiritual benefit.

  6. He does not dress in any particular manner and does not torture his body for controlling the mind. His method is quite different. It is easy and natural.

  7. He does not perform miracles like a juggler to please his audience. Although he is all-powerful, he keeps his powers hidden. But he does sometimes use them if he is so disposed. His disciples are always benefited by His Grace.