The Benefit of having a Master

The Gurus clearly describe the various benefits of having a Master. Egotism, pride and ignorance are destroyed. Thirst and hunger go away. Sufferings and doubts are removed. Uncertainty disappears. 

One is saved from the five thieves, namely: lust, anger, greed, attachment and egotism, and the fire of Maya. 

One becomes wise and gains knowledge of the three worlds and of his own self. 

One becomes happy, pure-minded and cheerful. The mind, which is engrossed in attachment and Maya, awakens. Desires are satiated. 

One obtains occult and spiritual powers, conviction and faith. 

One becomes happy and full of peace. 

One is always joyful, and the Lord dwells in one's heart. 

One is steeped in devotion, attains self-realization and is dyed in Naam and Shabd. 

One is freed from the cycle of birth and death. 

One is honoured in the Lord's Court both here and hereafter. The lord of death is subdued, and one crosses the ocean of the universe and gains release. 

One treads the path that leads away from this world of delusion. The lotus of the heart blossoms, and one attains the stage of dying while alive. 

One ascends beyond Trikuti and attains the condition of sahaj yoga (preparedness for the state of oneness with God), sunn samadhi (the trance of the void), sahaj gati (the condition of equipoise beyond the influence of Maya), the eternal region and ultimately the original Home. 

One is honoured in the presence of the Lord and is united with the Lord.