The Duties of a Master 

The duties of a Guru are infinite. One of his prime duties is to mend the broken souls or to unite the separated souls with the Lord. This he does with the help of Nam or Shabd, the Divine Sound. He enables the soul to ride on the Sound Current to its original home. 

This Shabd, like radio-waves, is all-pervasive; but we cannot perceive it owing to Maya. 

The Guru, however, frees souls from the bondage of attachment and Maya by means of the Divine Sound or Shabd. One may become familiar with the teachings of the Saints, but mere intellectual knowledge, without the help of the Guru, cannot free one from bondage.

The primary duty of the Guru is to prepare the disciple and then to take him to the court of the Lord. The Master takes the responsibility for those who take shelter with him. To take care of spiritual seekers, Masters come to this world again and again and show them the spiritual path.

Those who seek refuge with the Master, the Lord comes to protect them. He who shoots an arrow at them, finds that the arrow turns around and hits him.

Kanara M4, 1311-15

The Masters, like shepherds, have many sheep to look after. But they shower light on the entire world. All those who have association with them become entitled to cross the ocean of existence.