The Work of a Master

A Master is a donor, and not a beggar. His benevolence is for all, whether rich or poor. He feels happy in rescuing souls from physical bondage. The Saints may be in any garb; but they work only for the good of the soul and for its spiritual evolution. They do not found any new religion or creed, nor do they interfere with the rites and rituals of prevailing religions. They do not believe in blind faith, and they do not ask anybody to believe blindly. They speak of a faith that can be tested right here and now, on the counter, as it were. They do not promise release or emancipation after death only. All that they say is meant for all and is open to inquiry – it is the message of the wide, open road.

Unless I see with my own eyes, I believe not in the words of the Master.

Swami Ji

It is true that we have to rely on the Master to enable us to experiment; but when we realize the truth of his teachings through our own experience, we become steadfast in the faith which cannot be shaken even by the opposition of the whole world. One sees the sun rise. If hundreds of bats should swear that there is no sun, one's belief would not be disturbed, because one has seen the sun rise with one's own eyes. Those whose inner eye has not opened remain deprived of this truth.

Whenever a Master appears in this world, seekers for the real truth are attracted towards him like moths, and like bees they hover round that living flower of spirituality and enjoy its taste. They are attracted towards him as the moon-bird is attracted to the moon in the sky. They cannot endure separation even for a moment. Because of the divine power of the Master, souls are attracted towards him, and the fire of steadfast love and devotion is awakened in them. This love and devotion is the means of making the disciple a recipient of the Lord's mercy and of taking him to the original home.

The Master sees only the inner condition, and not the external condition, religion or nationality of the disciples. Whomsoever he deems fit he initiates in the inner path, and declines others whom he finds unprepared. What touchstone he uses for the purpose is known to him alone. But he can see the seekers' sanskaras (effects of past karmas) as clearly as one can see pickles or jam in a glass jar. Ordinary persons cannot see them.

The Master, through his divine powers, imparts teachings to the seekers after truth, whether they be near or far, and can reveal himself to them without writing or speaking to them. Whoever is taken by the Saints under their protection is stamped with the seal of the Lord's mercy. He is saved from Kal and his hard reckoning. He is free of Kal's demands on his upward journey.

Any punitive tax or customs duty does not have to be paid; the Master stamps His disciples with His own Divine Seal.

 Asa M5, 430-17

Oh Nanak, meet the Master Who will settle your account.

 Asa M3, 435-17

I have met the Master. May I be a sacrifice unto Him.

Prabhati M3, 1347-2

Whenever Masters manifest themselves in the world they teach by their own living example, and open the flood-gates of spirituality. Those who act upon their teachings benefit from them. Those who meet them feel elevated and purified. A beneficial current flows from them. Sufferers are relieved of their sufferings by the mere touch of their robes.