The Reason for Master’s coming to the World

The Gurus come to the world for our good. They leave their bliss and come to the Land of Death in order to emancipate souls engulfed in the darkness of Maya and the snares of Kal, and take them back. They assume human bodies and move about in the world in the same way as we do.

They are free from birth and death and are immortal. The aim of their lives is to lead us to the spiritual path and to unite us with the Lord in the highest spiritual regions within us.

They are free from birth and death; They have come for the good of the people. They give Light and teach devotion; They unite us with the Lord.

 Suhi M5, 749-2

There is a great difference between our coming and their coming into the world. The convicts and the doctor, who looks after their health, both visit the prison. The former go there to undergo imprisonment for their misdeeds, while the latter goes there to treat them. We come here to work out the consequences of our karmas, or good and bad acts, but the Masters come here to redeem us.

There are many kinds of good deeds done by people that are of help to others; but the good deed done by the Master is of the highest degree. He takes us out of the prison of Kal and the deceit of Maya, and unites us with the Lord.

As an illustration, let us say that there is a big prison in which there are eighty-four lakh (8,400,000) cells for different kinds of prisoners. There is only one door by which to get out. A bald-headed blind man wants to get out of the prison and goes around feeling along the wall with his hands. Whenever he comes near the door, however, his bald head itches, and he takes his hands off the wall to scratch his head. While he is doing this, he passes by the door and again goes the round of the eighty-four lakh cells.

A social worker takes pity on the prisoners and serves them with milk. That is a good deed, and they are pleased for the moment. Another kind person brings them sweets to eat. They are again pleased and are happy for a short while. A third person supplies them well-made clothes, and their bodies are properly clothed for some time. In spite of all these good deeds, they however, still continue to remain prisoners. Another person, the Guru, comes, along with a bunch of keys in his hand. He opens the door, releases the prisoners and sends them home. All of these helpful persons did good acts, but the best act is the one done by the last person.

There are many kinds of good actions in this world, but in spite of them all we are not freed from the cage of the body and the mind. 

The Master comes to the world, which is a prison with eighty-four lakh cells. He sets us free and takes us home. His act is the best, the really helpful act. His purpose is to give life and to free souls from the prison of eight-four lakh cells and take them to the Lord.


Footnote: 1 lakh = 100,000.