Before and after Guru Nanak

Bread is for the hungry, and water is for the thirsty. Nature provided milk for a child born five hundred years ago and also for one born a thousand years ago. Nature is also providing milk for children being born today. The law of nature is immutable. It is against the law of nature to say that no help was available for one seeking the spiritual path before Guru Nanak, or that no help is available for a seeker born after Guru Nanak's time. It is not correct to say that True Gurus visited this earth for a period of two or three centuries only and that the world has been without them both before and after. It is not correct to say that the 'law of supply and demand ' operated for this period alone.

The teachings of the Saints are for all the world and for all times. They are not confined to two or three hundred years only.

Great Saints speak eternal truths for all the world and for all times.

Sorath Var M3, 647-1

In the verses of the "Mool Mantra", as well as at other places in the Adi Granth, the Gurus use the words, "He is one and is realized by the Grace of the Master." It is a clear declaration that the great Lord mentioned in the "Basic Mantra" and at other places in the Adi Granth, is realized through the Grace of the Master. This has been stated as an eternal principle and the self-evident Truth.

In the "Anurag Sagar", Kabir has stated that he was born in all the Four Ages to preach Naam. The banis (hymns) of the Bhagtas (great devotees) contain teachings of the Gurus of many earlier times. It is clear from the Adi Granth and the hymns of Bhai Gurdas that perfect Masters or great souls, the True Shabd or the Word, have emancipated seekers in all the ages.

Krishna and Bal Bhadar meditated at the feet of the Master.

Gauri M4, 165-6

Nama, the dyer, and Kabir, the weaver, obtained salvation through the Master.

Sri Rag M3, 67-13

The Word called out in all the Four Ages; It gave the message of Eternal Truth.

Sri Rag M3, 35-9

True is the Shabd, true is the Word. The devotee sings its praise. He sings throughout the ages.

 Asa M3, 424-5

Happy was Raja Harish Chandra, he had the charming Tara as his consort. But he preferred to be with the Lord in the company of Saints. He carried out the wishes of his Guru.

Var 10, Pauri 6

The Great One suddenly appeared in the courtyard of the courtesan.

Var 10, Pauri 21

It is mentioned in the Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala that Guru Nanak said that in the Kali Yuga, Iron Age, the Saints have to redeem people by taking a number of incarnations.

There will be seventy Bhagats and fourteen Perfect Masters. They will take thousands across to the abode of Saints. Those who obstinately turn away are doomed to disaster, the self-centred ones are not accepted.

Janam M1, Sakhi

From the above quotations, it is clear that Gurus and their teachings have always existed. Gurus are present in the world at all times, so that those who are seeking for the Lord may reach Him through Them.

At all times throughout the ages, the Gurus did exist. Throughout all the ages the Masters exist, and men of faith who follow Naam.

 Sri Rag M4, 79-4

In all the ages your Saints have existed.

 Maru M1, 1025-15


Footnote: The 14th Master was Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, after Him, the Almighty came in Form of Kirpal.