The Gurus say that the sole purpose of man's birth in this world is to enable him to gather the merit (riches or merchandise) through which he may be accepted at the door of the Lord. What is this merit, this wealth or Vakhar? The Gurus say that it is the practice of the Naam or Shabd.

Gather the riches of Naam; oh Nanak, this is true wealth to acquire.

 Jaitsri M5, 710-10

Acquire the true riches of Naam; follow the Master. He who has true riches, merges in the Shabd which is Truth.

 Maru M1, 1032-18

These riches are the Name or the Word of God. The Saints are Its keepers and It can be obtained only through them.

The wealth you were born for, the Lord's Naam, is with the Saints.

Sukhmani Gauri M5, 283-4

Just as material goods and merchandise are available in the market, the wealth of Naam is available in our body. The body may be likened to a shop with the merchandise of Naam in it. It may be searched for and found in the body with the aid of a Master.

This body is a jeweller's shop; the riches of the infinite Naam are sold in it. That tradesman gets these riches, who contemplates on the Master's Shabd.

 Sorath M1, 636-2