Benefits of the Nectar

The Gurbani mentions numerous benefits that accrue from tasting the Nectar. As a result of enjoying the taste of the Nectar one gives up all other tastes and becomes truly detached.

His mind is content, he hungers not, nor thirsts; he sees the Immaculate One in all hearts, only a detached one enjoys the Nectar; one steeped in the Love of the Guru's Word.

 Mam M1, 1039-3

The Nectar fills everybody. He who tastes it knows its intense sweetness. By tasting it, one becomes immersed in it and is made fearless. He is not troubled by Kal, the Negative Power. He becomes free and brings about the release of his family.

The Nectar fills everyone within; he who tastes it knows it. He becomes free of fear; and is filled with the Divine Ambrosia. He receives it by the Lord's Grace, and thereafter is not afflicted by death.

Maru M3, 1092-12

The Lord created the fourteen regions wherein men carry on their trade. They who are God-wards reap the profit. Death does not touch them who drink the True Nectar. They gain release for themselves and their kin; the whole world is saved for their sake.

 Sri Rag M4, 83-17

The Nectar gives the nine Treasures and also occult and spiritual powers. It leads to happiness and peace. Fear, doubt, perversions and sins are destroyed. Egotism disappears and the craving for the illusory pleasures of Maya is quenched. The mind becomes still and pure, and one gains salvation and tranquillity. One is accepted in the Court of the Lord after drinking the Nectar.

From this it is evident that the Nectar so much praised by the Gurus and the Nectar which one is urged to drink is the Name or Shabd (Inner Music) which pervades all hearts. A perfect Master with his loving and kindly glance can plant the Nectar-tree within us and enable us to drink the Nectar. Saints, by their Nectar-filled glance, can raise the dead. They bestow the boon of the Name upon barren minds. The glance of Saints has Nectar in it. One can become a Saint by a mere glance from one of them.

By a Master's Nectar-glance one becomes a Saint.

Sukhmani 287-7

One can drink the Nectar only through the Grace of the Master. Those persons are indeed fortunate who become immortal by partaking of it. They become like a bee at the Lotus Feet of the Master and enjoy lasting bliss.

Drink the Lord's Nectar and gain life-eternal. Remember Him and be ever in bliss. Live in joy, with desires all fulfilled; let not care approach you. Be like the black-bee, hugging the lotus feet of the Lord. Oh Nanak, find bliss in His service, as the rain bird1 finds joy in the rain-drop.

Gauri M5, 496-6


Footnote: 1) A mythological bird, which will drink only drops of pure rain water.