Who obtains the Nectar?

Only one out of several millions may get this Divine Nectar to drink.

The Lord distributes the elixir of the Nectar-Name; but only one in millions receives it and partakes of it.

 Parbhati M3, 1335-1

Sweet is the Nectar-Name of the Master; but rare is the one who tastes it.

 Majh M3, 113-13

The True Nectar is falling in showers; and the devotee drinks it. His mind is ever refreshed, and he sings the praises of the Lord.

Asa M3, 428-11

They, the devotees who contemplate on the Lord, are blessed with His Nectar and are purged to purity. Dwell on the Lord's Name so that you are cleansed of the inner dirt.

 Malar M1, 1254-7

Softly fall the showers of the Nectar-Name; and through the Grace of the Master I see my Beloved Lord.

 Asa M4, 442-19

The Lord's Gospel is Nectar-sweet and glorious and one tastes it through the Guru's Word, the natural way. His mind is illumined and his darkness dispelled, as the rising sun ends the night. And the invisible, the imperceptible and the unknowable is seen by a True Devotee.

 Sri Rag M4, 87-18

The Nectar fills the body, but egotistical persons and those without a Master remain without it.

Within one's self is the Nectar; but those puffed up with pride know not its taste.

 Sorath Var M4, 644-2

I am a sacrifice to my Master, who revealed to me the Truth. The world is deluded, the Nectar is wasted; the egotistical people know nothing of it.

 Malar M1, 1262-3