How is the Nectar obtained?

  1. Through the Grace of the Lord: 

    This Nectar can be had through the kindness of the Lord. A man by himself can do nothing about it. Everybody may try to get it, but it is only when the Lord wishes that this fruit grows in the ground of one's heart.

    The Lord is the Nectar-Name, it is through His Grace that one attains it, Nanak, the Lord's Name is the Treasure of Bliss; so be ever attuned to it.

     Mal M3, 1258-15

    All may sow the seed for their good; but that alone germinates which the Lord wills. The devotee of the Master sows the seed of Nectar, and he reaps the fruit of Nectar-Name.

     Gauri M4, 304-7

  2. Through one's Destiny:

     It is only when it is so ordained and inscribed on the forehead that one can taste the Nectar of the Lord within.

    He for whom it is ordained, keeps it in his heart, the Lord's Gospel is Nectar-sweet and glorious, and he tastes it through the Guru's Word, the easy way.

     Sri Rag M4, 87-17
  3. Through the perfect Master and His service: 

    The Nectar fills all space. No place is without it. But the proud and the vain people cannot have even a drop of it. "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink" – is their lot. The Nectar which is sought for by gods and goddesses and sages and hermits can be had only from the Master.

    The angelic beings and the sages search for the Nectar, but it can be had from the Master only; it is when the Master blesses one with the Nectar, that one enshrines the True One in the heart.

    Ramkali M3, 918-14

    The Nectar cannot be had by one's own unaided efforts. Unless we take shelter with a Master who dispenses it, we cannot come upon it. This boon is the reward of serving the Master.

    The Nectar-Name, the cure-all, the immaculate water, one attains at the Guru's door.

    Oh Nanak, he who is so fated; receives it from the Master, and is cured of all diseases.

     Sorath M5, 616-19

    I drank the Lord's Nectar-Name from the Guru, the Lord's Name became my food, my garment, I loved the Name and revelled in it; oh Nanak, wonderful was its joy.

     Majh M5, 99-14

    Oh my dear Master, beloved one; pray, let me be a sacrifice to You. Bless me with Your sight; You have blessed me with the Nectar-Name.

    Sri Rag M5, 52-4

    He of Himself guides; and we dwell on the Lord's Name. By good fortune, we meet the True Guru, and taste the Nectar-Name.

     Gauri M3, 163-1

    Nectar-sweet is the Divine Sound, Nectar-sweet is His Word. By serving the True Guru, It abides in our hearts.

     Majh M3, 119-3

  4. By surrendering to the Will of the Master and acting on his advice: 

    The Nectar is obtained by surrendering to the will of the Master, acting according to His advice and by listening to His discourses.

    Oh mind, walk in the way of the Lord, then will you dwell in your original Home, drink the Nectar and be in peace.

     Sri Rag M3, 37-2

    In the will of the Master lies the giving of the Nectar. Only a rare one obtains it.

    Sri Rag M3, 31-14

    In the company of Saints One tastes the Treasure of the Nectar-Name.

     Sri Rag M4, 91-6

    The Divine Nectar is delicious to the taste; it is only when you meet a Saint that you drink It.

     Majh M5, 134-11

    Oh Nanak, he alone is alive who meditates on the Name; he keeps the company of Saints and drinks the Nectar.

     Gauri M5, 200-12

    This Nectar permeates every pore of a perfect Master. A single glance from him can transform a sinner into a Saint.

    Nectar abides in the Master; He is sublime, His station is high. Says Nanak, we worship our Lord by His Grace, those turned godwards alone attain Him.

     Gauri M3, 300-16

    The Master is a pool of Nectar. Only by great good fortune can one bathe in It and become pure.

    The Guru is a pool of Nectar; those who are fortunate bathe in it. The dirt of all their births is then washed away, and they are attuned to the pure Name of the Lord.

    Sri Rag M4, 40-10

    The object of human birth is to obtain this Nectar and it can be had from a perfect Master only. Different kinds of robes and garments and cunning are of no help. Through them one cannot obtain the Nectar-Name. And without the Nectar-Name, there is no escape from delusion.

    You have come into the world to gather the Nectar-Name; You obtain it through the Master. Give up then your cleverness and your ochre robes; In duality you gather not this Fruit.

    Sorath M1, 598-4