Where is the Nectar?

It is found within the body.

The Nectar or the Elixir of life is not to be found in the outer world. It can be found in the inner or spiritual regions only. By drinking it, one becomes immortal. In order to drink it one has to go within one's body. What do the Saints mean when they talk of going within where the Nectar is found?

This body is the home of the soul. There are windows and doors in it, through which the soul wanders out into the outer world. It is, however, imprisoned within the body. Nine doors of the body, namely the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, one mouth and the two lower apertures are visible. 

So long as the soul is busy in these nine doors, it remains without the Nectar. Besides these nine doors, however, there is another one, a secret door, behind the eyes. When the soul, after leaving the nine doors or withdrawing from them is concentrated at the tenth door, it then drinks the precious Nectar.

Oh maiden fair you tried all the nine doors, but you did not find the precious Treasure. Oh Kabir, the nine doors hold it not; the pure essence is realized in the tenth.

Kabir, Gauri 339-13

The body has nine doors, insipid are the tastes of their pleasures; it is in the tenth door that one gathers the Lord's Nectar.

 Kalyan M4, 1323-13

Through the True Guru the Nectar drops into one's mind, and the Lord becomes manifest in the Tenth Door. There rings the ceaseless Melody of Shabd, and one merges in equipoise very easily.

Mam M4, 1069-10

I gave up searching for Him without; for the Guru has revealed Him in my own house; the Unending Music plays at the tenth door; there I was fed with the Nectar of Naam.

 Maru M5, 1002-3

The Nectar is obtained by going within the human body. There it yields its nine treasures. It simply cannot be found by means of any external observances.

The Nectar-Name of the Lord is to me the nine Treasures, and it dwells within the body.

 Gauri M5, 293-16

Every heart is overflowing with this Nectar. Not one is without it.

The Nectar is in every heart. Through the Guru's Word does one drink it.

Kabir, Kedara 1123-17

The lake of Nectar is in all hearts. But it can be drunk through the Shabd only.

Within is the well full of Nectar; through the Word does one draw it out and drink it.

 Vadhans M3, 570-18

This Nectar is inside of man himself, but the world seeks it outside. It is like the musk which is in the navel of a deer, but the deer searches for it outside in the forests and does not find it.

The Nectar fills the house; but the proud ones know not its taste, as the deer knows not the musk within; and wanders about in delusion.

 Sorath M3, 644-2

A Sufi says, "Our Friend is in the house (our body) while we ceaselessly search for Him outside. The Nectar-water is full to the brim in the pitcher the inner sky but we wander in thirst."

My Friend is in the house, But I am wandering in the world. The vessel is brimful with water; But I am wandering about athirst.

There is an inverted well in the sky (the top of the head) and its mouth opens towards the Kunj-lotus behind the eyes. The current of the Nectar is flowing from that well into the body. But the soul, forgetting that current, is wandering in the world outside and is suffering many privations.

Everything is in the house of the human body and there is nothing outside of it. Those who have received the Grace of the Guru, are at peace both within and without. The current of the Nectar is falling in showers inside them and by drinking it they remain in bliss and ecstasy day and night. The soul that has been separated from the Nectar for many lives attains this state through the help of the Saints. 

Guru Arjan Sahib says:

All things are in your home and not one is without; he who searches without, is lost in doubt. The one who realizes the Lord within by the Guru's Grace, is at peace both within and without. When the Nectar drops into one's self, and the mind hears the Shabd and drinks the Nectar, the devotee is ever in joy, and ever sports with the Lord. He who was separated from Him birth after birth, is united with the Lord. By the Master's Grace the dry tree blossoms into flowers; the seeker gets right advice and praises the Name; he becomes a devotee and unites with the Lord.

 Majh M5, 102-3