There is Light in the Nectar

The power of inner sight is located behind the eyes. If one turns one's attention towards the inner sky and makes it still there, light appears. In the beginning one sees flashes of lightning, a starry sky, sun, moon and several other kinds of lights. When the soul crosses these regions and reaches Trikuti and Par-Brahm, it sees the sun and moon of the regions of Brahm and Par-Brahm respectively.

Tulsi Sahib and other Saints have mentioned these lights in their writings:

The Lord's Gospel is Nectar-sweet and glorious, and one tastes it through the Guru, the natural way. One's mind is illumined and dispelled is one's darkness, as the night is ended by the rising sun. And the Invisible, the Imperceptible and the Unknowable; He is seen by the true devotee.

Sri Rag M4, 87-18

Nectar-sweet is the Guru's Word; but rare is the one who tastes it. Into him comes Light, and he drinks the Ambrosia; and he hears the Melody at the door of the Lord.

Majh M3, 113-13

Pure is His Light, Nectar-sweet is the Lord's Naam; and whosoever partakes of it, becomes immortal and desireless.

 Ramkali M5, 886-19