In the Nectar there is the Sound Principle

There is a sweet Melody and unending Music in the Nectar and this supports the entire universe. The Nectar is the Bread of life, the food of the soul.

The mind strays and wanders; on meeting the Master it is stilled; one then enters the tenth door; there ambrosia is the food, and the melody of the Shabd, resounds, which supports the entire universe. The unending music plays there; and one merges in the Truth. Oh Nanak, on meeting the Master; the wandering mind is stilled; and one dwells in the Eternal Abode.

 Asa M3, 440-19

When a Saint meets a Saint, contentment reigns supreme. The unutterable Truth is dwelt upon if one merges in the Perfect Master. One drinks Nectar and is contented; one is honoured in the Court of the Lord. In all hearts rings the music of the Lord's flute; and one loves the Shabd day and night. Rare are they who know this; through the Guru this is made clear.

 Sri Rag M1, 62-13