What is Nectar?

We should ponder over the nature of Nectar. What is the Nectar referred to by the Gurus? The Gurbani mentions it. On considering the matter, it becomes clear that they have called Shabd or the Name, the Divine Nectar. They have advised their devotees to drink of it.

The Nectar is the True Name; It cannot be described. He who drinks It is accepted. He merges in the Shabd.

 Sri Rag M3, 33-3

Nectar-sweet is the Name of the Lord, one gathers it through the Guru's Word.

Bihagara M4, 538-12

The Lord's immaculate Nectar-Name says Bhikhan, by the Guru's Grace, I reach the Door of Deliverance.

Bhikhan, Sorath 659-15

The Guru blesses with the Nectar-Name of the Lord.

Suhi M1, 729-15

The Name of the Lord is the Nectar; he who drinks It is rid of thirst.

 Malar Var M3, 1283-3

The Name of the Lord is Nectar in the Iron Age.

 Gauri M5, 318-16

Very sweet is the Guru's Word, which, as the Nectar of God, I find within myself. And whosoever tastes It attains the Blessed State, and his mind is cooled, his body is comforted.

Parbhati M1, 1331-15

The Name of the Lord is Nectar; quench your thirst with it. The mind is then dyed in the Truth; and it merges in the Truth.

Sri Rag M3, 35-8

Nanak, the Word is the only Nectar, and through the Guru it is received.

 Sorath M4, 644-6

When I lived on the mountain of ego; intense were my sensuous cravings. But when I saw, I was so near the Lord's presence, I accepted the Word, and stilled my thirst; I filled my soul with the Lord's Nectar.

Ramkali M1, 933-15

The term Nectar has also been used to describe the Truth and the Unending Music.

The Nectar is the treasure of the Name; a devotee finds it. Fortunate are the devotees. In whose heart it dwells.

 Ramkali M5, 961-11

The Unending Music showers the Divine Nectar, peace fills the mind and body.

Majh M5, 105-15

The Nectar has also been called Hari, the Lord, Hari Kirtan, singing praises of the Lord and also the Supreme Ambrosia.

Give up the three attributes of this world, and merge in the Shabd. The Lord and the immortal fruit are one; the Lord Himself makes one eat it.

 Sri Rag M3, 66-6

False are the colours of Maya; all that is apparent turns to ashes. Sweet as nectar is the Lord, go into the company of Saints and drink the Nectar.

 Majh M5, 134-12

I am blessed with the Nectar of the Lord which has quenched all my thirst.

 Suhi M4, 731-10

Nectar-sweet is the Lord's Name, it is through the Guru that one dwells upon it. Purifying is the Lord's Name, and contemplating on it one is rid of one's pain.

 Kanra M4, 1316-9

The Lord's praise is Nectar-sweet, but rare the one who tastes it. Nanak is rewarded with the One Name. And contemplating on it he lives.

 Asa M5, 400-2

Sweet is the taste of the Nectar-Name, which the Master makes us drink.

 Majh M3, 124-6

The Gurbani tells us that this Nectar is unique and that it is the only True Nectar. It is the Naam of the Lord. There is no other Nectar. By drinking it, one is dyed in its colour.

They who are blessed with the Glory of the Naam, their mind is imbued with Your Love. Oh Nanak! there is only One Nectar; no, there is not another.

 Sarang Var M4, 1238-17

In the Iron Age, the Naam of the Lord is the only Nectar.

What is the Nectar in the Iron Age? The Naam of the Lord and naught else. This is a great treasure. And it is found with the Saints.

M5 Ramkali M5, 888-15