Chapter VII

Amrit – Nectar

That thing is called Amrit, Nectar, Ab-e-Hayat, Elixir of Life, or Maha Ras, Divine Ambrosia the partaking of which makes one immortal, and frees one from birth and death.

To obtain it, many ascetics have carried out severe penances and have undergone untold privations. They sought for it in sacred places, mountains, forests, rivers, rivulets and lakes. But they failed to find such a spiritual life-force anywhere. In fact, this wonderful Nectar cannot be found in the gross world. The botanist and other scientists have given up the search. They have not discovered it.

This Nectar is mentioned in the scriptures of all religions. 

Muslim Saints have called it Ab-e-Hewan or Ab-e-Hayat, Water or Elixir of Life. They have sung the praises of drinking it. According to Hindu Rishis, Mansarovar is a Pool of Nectar, by drinking which one becomes immortal. In the Vedas, at many places a mention is made of Som Ras, by drinking which the Rishis used to become immortal. Saints call this Mansarovar, the Sacred Pool or Chashma-e-Kausar, Spring of Immortality, Amritsar, Pool of Nectar. It is said in the Bible that Christ rose up from the dead and brought the dead back to life. He also promised to give the Water of Life to a certain woman. This shows that he had the use of the Divine Nectar. Guru Nanak, his successors and other Saints drank deeply of this Nectar themselves and gave it to their disciples also.