Benefits of the Guru-Naam

The Gurbani mentions various benefits of Guru-Naam. These are as follows:

  1. All desires are fulfilled and happiness is obtained.

    He ever repeats the Guru-Naam, and all his desires are fulfilled. 

    Gauri M5, 202-11

    The Lord is the giver of all happiness; the Guru-Naam leads to it. 

    Kabir, Bilawal, 856-6

  2. Sins, perversions and egotism are destroyed.

    All your sins and sorrows are destroyed; all your dirt is cleansed by the Guru through the Naam.

    Bihagara M4, 539-7

    If one forgets not the Guru-given Name, one attains true honour the easiest way. Within us is the Treasure of the Word, by finding it we shed our ego.

    Gauri M1, 228-18

    Selfhood and intense love of Maya are deep afflictions, for them the cure is the All-powerful Lord's Name, with which the Guru has blessed me.

    Gujri M4, 502-7

    He is detached: attached yet separate. He does what He likes; all that He wills comes to pass, when one dwells on the Lord's Name by Guru's Grace one's separation from the Lord vanishes.

    Gujri Var M3, 514-3

  3. It gives equipoise to life.

    When one obtains the Gurumukh-Naam, one sleeps in poise and also wakes in poise, and one is merged in the Gurumukh-Naam, oh Nanak, one contemplates on the true Naam.

    Maru M4, 1069-18