Gurumat Naam

By Gurumat is meant Shabd, Divine Sound or Anhad Dhun Ceaseless Music. It is indeed the True Naam.

If one forgets not the Guru-given Name, one attains true honour the easiest way. Within us is the Treasure of the Shabd, by finding it we shed our ego.

Gauri M1, 228-18

Thus is love-worship of the Lord realized, through the Guru one realizes the Lord's Name.

Asa M1, 414-7

Save me, save me, oh Lord; I take refuge with You; make my faith in the Gurumat-Naam firm and strong.

Kalyan M4, 1325-18

It is through the Grace of the Lord and through great good fortune that one gets the Guru-Naam or Gurumat-Naam.

One contemplates on the Gurumukh-Naam; with the Lord's Grace one meets a Master; by His Grace one merges with the Lord.

Malar M4, 1265-4

If a man is very fortunate, he is attuned to the Gurumat-Naam. He then crosses the ocean of maya and attachment. And tastes the Divine Ambrosia.

Kalyan M4, 1326-16

The Gurumukh-Naam can be had from the Master only and it is only the devotee who can have It.

No one save the perfect Master knows; maya and worldly attachment delude all others. It is through the Guru that one is blessed with the Lord's Word.

Asa M5, 423-12

The world is involved with virtue and vice; and with pleasure and pain which lead to sorrow. Only a devotee lives in bliss; he realizes the Gurumukh-Naam.

Maru M3, 1052-12