Fruits of the Divine Ambrosia

In the ocean of Naam are rising and falling the waves of the Divine Ambrosia. When one hears within himself the melody of Naam, one is spellbound. He remains in ecstasy and intoxication day and night and all the wealth of the world appears valueless in comparison. This intoxication is referred to as wine by Muslim Saints.

He is ever intoxicated, who drinks the Ambrosia. Other drinks intoxicate, but their effect soon wears off. The God-intoxicated person drinks Ambrosia; for him all other drinks become insipid.

Asa M5, 377-11

Oh my mother, my mind is intoxicated with God, seeing my compassionate Lord I am in utter bliss, the Divine Ambrosia intoxicates me completely.

Sarang Var M5, 1225-11

It is the Master who grants this intoxication. Hafiz Sahib and others have, therefore, called Him Saqi, the wine-server. The Perfect Master gives his disciples the cup of this Ambrosia to drink and thus frees them from the bondage of the world. 

Hafiz Sahib asked for this ambrosial wine, saying: 

Oh Server, give me that wine which is not to be found even in heaven.

Bhai Nand Lal also prayed for this wine, saying: 

Oh Server, give me a drink a drink that will intoxicate. Oh Server, give me a drink, which will solve every difficulty.

The Gurbani mentions many of the benefits of the Divine Ambrosia. All perversions and egotism are destroyed. The mind is purified. Happiness and peace are gained. The intellect is sharpened and the lotus of the heart is turned upwards. The result is that one enjoys equipoise, crosses the ocean of existence and attains deliverance. He becomes immortal and is honoured in the Court of the Lord. He dwells in his original Home and meets the Lord.

The Gurbani also outlines the unfortunate consequences of not drinking the Divine Ambrosia. Spiritual seekers should obtain this Ambrosia and thus make their lives fruitful. The Gurbani urges us to obtain this Ambrosia.

All should enjoy this Ambrosia of the Lord He, the Perfect One, the Master of all arts.

Gauri M5, 196-11