Qualities of the Divine Ambrosia

To those who have tasted the Divine Ambrosia, other things are tasteless. They are fascinated by its wonderful taste.

One may have many women of exquisite charm and beauty; but compared with the Divine Ambrosia, insipid are all other tastes.

Asa M5, 385-4

Oh brother devotee, if you were to taste the Divine Ambrosia, you would never love any other taste.

Suhi M4, 733-2

He who has tasted the bliss of the Lord, hankers not after the insipid tastes (of the world). 

Gauri M5, 186-10

If you have tasted the Divine Ambrosia, you are held spellbound by its wonder.

Gauri M5, 180-13

To God-oriented persons the Divine Ambrosia is the greatest and the most invaluable wealth.

There are seven lands and oceans, you may drain them of their wealth; but the devotees desire them not; they ask for the Divine Ambrosia.

 Kalyan M4, 1323-18

The rishis, munis (sages), Sankadik (mythologically eternally young gods) and other holy men including Sukhdev and Prahlad in ancient times reached wonderful states after partaking of the Divine Ambrosia.

The Sankadik and Brahma sing Your praise, Sukhdeva and Prahlad sing Your praise too. Whosoever drinks the wonderful Ambrosia, he is awake to the wonders of God.

Sarang Var M5, 1224-8