Who obtains the Divine Ambrosia?

It is only rare devotees, longing for their Master, who are blessed with the Divine Ambrosia. Egotistical persons do not obtain it.

So sweet is the Divine Ambrosia! But rare is the one who tastes it, by the Guru's Grace.

Ramkali M5, 886-19

Rare is the one who by the Guru's Grace, tastes the Divine Ambrosia, and remains in bliss day and night. But it is only through perfect destiny that one attains to the Name.

Dhanasri M3, 644-3

The five birds1 then fly not out (after Ambrosia is tasted), and the tree2 is fruitful, yielding the fruit of Nectar. The Lord's devotees contemplate in utter poise; and sing the praises of the Lord. He feeds the birds with Divine Ambrosia.

Maru M1, 1033-16

Egotistical persons do not enjoy the taste of the Divine Ambrosia, for in their hearts is the thorn of selfhood.

Gauri M4, 13-10

Evil are the ways of the egotistic; they know not the Divine Ambrosia. They get no nectar because of their doubts; they love the poison in their hearts.

Bilawal M4, 854-6

The egocentric tastes not the Divine Ambrosia; he acts in ego and he comes to grief.

Suhi M4,  733-3


Footnote: 1) The five senses. 2) The tree of life.