1. Through the Grace of the Lord

The Lord is Himself the Nectar, and he is also the Divine Ambrosia. He Himself alone can make one intoxicated with it. He alone receives it to whom the Lord gives it.

He Himself is the Nectar; He Himself is the Beloved. He Himself is the Ambrosia; He Himself sings its praise. Oh Nanak, He showers Ambrosia, and the devotee's thirst is quenched.

Sorath M4, 605-16

He whom the Lord of our destiny blesses, He alone knows the Divine Ambrosia.

Sorath M5, 624-1

He alone gets the Divine Ambrosia to whom the Lord is kind. The Lord is, however, uninfluenced, and gives it to whomsoever He pleases.

When the Lord showers His Grace; one is blessed with the Divine Ambrosia; and then oh Nanak, one sings the praises of the Lord, and drinks the Divine Ambrosia.

Suhi M4, 733-4

Oh Lord, bless me with Your mercy, that I may sing the praises of Your Naam, and find the Divine Ambrosia in the heart.

Sorath M4, 607-14

When the Lord so wills it, you will receive the Divine Ambrosia, and on your tongue will be the beauteous Word. You will dwell on the Lord's Name, and be ever in peace, and be attuned to the Naam.

Gauri M3, 246-15