Where is the Divine Ambrosia?

The holy books, scriptures and the Vedas contain only praise of the Divine Ambrosia. They do not contain the Divine Ambrosia itself. This latter is within us. We can get it only by going within.

Emerson has said, "Tap inside." This Divine Ambrosia pervades everywhere, but the eyes that can see it are opened only when one goes inside. Saints and sages advise us to go within. By studying the holy books there dwells up within one a desire to obtain the Divine Ambrosia, but it is impossible to get it by mere reading.

By reading the Vedas the people taste not the Ambrosia. Lured away by Maya, they discourse on dissent, they who revel in ignorance are for ever in the dark. Through the Guru alone, one knows and sings of the Lord.

Majh M5, 128-3