What is the Divine Ambrosia?

Divine Ambrosia is Naam. It is the Unstruck Music. To attain it is to attain the Lord. The Gurbani says that Hari Ras or Divine Ambrosia is another name for Naam or Shabd. Those who are not recipients of this ambrosia are unfortunate and remain within the clutches of death.

They who tasted not the Divine Ambrosia of the Naam, they, the unfortunate ones are handed over to the messengers of death.

Gujri M4, 10-7

The Lord redeems the sinners; He makes them meet the Master; they then taste the Divine Ambrosia.

Jetsari M4, 697-10

Through the Guru's Word, you hear the Unstruck Music, and through the Lord's Name Enjoy the Divine Ambrosia. Says Nanak, this is how I met with my Lord, who is the Creator and the Cause.

Ramkali M3, 921-18

If you taste the Divine Ambrosia, You are purged of vice. If imbued with the Lord's Naam ever-abiding is your glory.

Basant M3, 1174-17