Chapter VI

Hari Ras – Divine Ambrosia

In the Gurbani the words Naam and Shabd have been used for Hari, the Lord. It has the power to make one immortal. It has, therefore, been also called nectar or Ambrosia. It has a very great intoxicating effect. Because of this enrapturing effect it has been described as Hari Ras or Divine Ambrosia, by the Gurus. In the earlier Chapters this has been fully explained and there is therefore little need to say more.

In the Divine Ambrosia of the Name or Naam there is the sweet Elixir of Life. This aspect has been explained in detail in the Gurbani. It is also called the most excellent Ambrosia. One is advised to drink it, because the sense-pleasures are tasteless. The intoxication produced by them is not real. Sense-pleasures are related to the desires of the mind. We therefore, fall when we indulge in them. They do not result in any constant and lasting pleasure. 

The ambrosia of the Name is the most excellent one, and unless we drink it we drown in the ocean of worldly existence and our soul remains without the lasting bliss.

Give up the love of the insipid water of evil, and drink in the Divine Ambrosia of the Lord's Name. For, because of not tasting it, myriads have been drowned, and one's soul is never in peace.

Bilawal M5, 802-19

Nanak, sweet is the essence of the Name, through the perfect Guru do I attain the Truth.

Gauri M1, 243-12

Oh Lord bless us with the sweet ambrosia of Your Name.

Suhi M5, 784-7