The Lord’s Names – Hari Naam and Ram Naam

The Name is the Supreme Lord. It is the Creator of all. It is all in all. Everything comes from it. This has been explained in the chapter on The Name. 

In the Gurbani the Supreme Lord has been called Hari. The Name is indistinguishable from God. It is His Name and emanates from Him. It is, therefore, called Hari Naam, the Lord's Name. In order to make this clear, the Name has, in different places, been called Hari Naam by Guru Nanak and his successors.

The Name pervades everywhere. There is no place without it. In order to make this fact clear this all pervading Name has been called Ram Naam, the All-pervading Name in the Gurbani. By Ram is meant that which pervades everywhere or is omnipresent.

Hari Naam has many benefits, as the Gurbani explains. Perversion and sin are destroyed. Egotism is obliterated. Occult and spiritual powers are obtained. All wishes are fulfilled. Happiness and peace are attained. One obtains salvation. 

By its practice not only does one cross the ocean of existence himself but he also helps his generations to do so. He is emancipated while still living.