Only a Gurmukh (True Devotee) gets Naam and not a Manmukh (Devotee of the Mind)

Unless one meets a Master one does not understand the true significance and importance of Naam.

Everyone utters the Lord's Name with the tongue, but he alone receives it who serves the True Master.

 Malar M3, 1262-8

Naam is a conscious touch which is imparted by the Masters and the Saints to their disciples. This is a gift of divine life. Through the Master's Hrace it manifests within us. The Name is within everybody, but until one becomes a true devotee one cannot obtain this wealth. The Manmukhs (devotees of the mind) remain without it.

The Naam is an inexhaustible treasure, which dwells in the heart of a True Devotee.

 Suhi M5, 787-13

In your home is the merchandise, in yourself is the capital. Take the Name every moment; only a True Devotee obtains It. The treasure of Naam is inexhaustible; but only a fortunate one receives it.

Sri Rag M3, 29-18

Nothing equals the Naam. Oh Nanak, only a True Devotee obtains It.

 Gauri M5, 265-8

By hearing the Name one knows himself and gets the benefit of the Name. By hearing the Naam sins are expiated and the mind becomes pure. Oh Nanak, blessed are those who hear the Naam. A devotee always meditates on It.

 Sarang Var M4, 1240-16

All bonds are snapped, release is obtained. One merges in the Truth. It is difficult to obtain the Name. It dwells in the heart of a true devotee. Oh Nanak, blessed are those who serve the Master.

 Sorath M3, 644-17

The self-willed know not the Name without the Name they lose honour. They are torn by duality and love not the taste of the Word.

 Sri Rag M3, 28-9

This secret of Naam is inside all, but it does not become manifest without a Master and without practice. The self-willed remain without it. This is not a subject for speech, nor can it be had merely for the asking or at the request of someone. If we were to offer money to a professor and request him to give us an M.A. degree, he would simply say, 

Study and put in a sincere effort. It is necessary to study for it.

The power is inside everyone but it can only be obtained through the Grace of a Master by engaging in the practice of Naam. Without the Naam all the four categories1 of living beings and all the four kinds of repetitions  are in delusion.

Yours are the four sources of creation. Your words they speak. But without the Naam all are deluded by doubt.

Majh M3, 116-4

This Naam can be obtained by serving a Perfect Master only. It cannot be had without Him.

By the service of the Master; the Naam of the Lord is obtained. Nobody can have It; except through a Perfect Master.

Majh M3, 116-5


Footnote: 1) Jeraj – those born from the foetus, like men and animals. Andaj – those born from eggs, like birds, snakes, fish, etc. Setaj – those that grow out of sweat, filth, etc., like lice and worms, etc. Utbhuj – those that sprout from seeds, like trees, shrubs and vegetables. For further information see ‘The Anurag Sagar – 4. The Four Kinds of Life.’