How is Naam obtained?

  1. The gift of the invaluable Naam can only be had by those for whom God wills it.

    Oh Nanak, it is only through the Grace of the Lord, that we get the true Name.

    Sri Rag M3, 26-13

    The Name dwells in the heart of him, to whom it is given by the Lord.

    Kanra M5, 1298-12

    There is no wealth equal to that of the Name; he alone is true to whom the Lord gives it.

    Asa M3, 364-13

    He alone gets the treasure of Naam, with whom the Lord is pleased.

    M 5 Asa M5, 405-5
  2. It can be had as a gift from the Ultimate One, through His Grace and through good fortune.

    Oh Nanak, those who received the Name, received it through His Grace. 

    Vadhans M4, 566-10

    Those who were so ordained practised the Naam.

    Asa M4, 369-7

    It is through His Grace alone that one is attuned to Naam. Oh Nanak, happy are they in whose home there resounds the unending Music.

    Ramkali M3, 917-13

    Chastity, truth, continence are all contained in Naam; one does not become pure without the Naam. But it is only by great good fortune, that Naam dwells in the heart, and one attains to the Lord through Shabd.

    Sri Rag M3, 33-5
  3. Naam can be received from a Perfect Master and from Saints well versed in the practice of Naam.

    Those who bow to the Name and remain in It absorbed, oh Nanak, they receive the gift from the door of the Lord.

    Tilang M1, 721-14

    He who is blessed becomes true, the Perfect Master gives him the nectar of the Name.

    Asa M1, 352-18

    All was created by Naam; but one cannot know it except through a Perfect Master.

    Suhi M3, 753-5

    There is no one except the Perfect Master, who can give the Naam of the Lord for our support.

    Salok M3, 1417-3

    Dye your mind in the colour of Naam by its repetition. Oh Nanak, this can only be done in the company of the Saints.

    Gauri M5, 264-11

    I, who am without merit, the Lord has blessed with His Mercy, and joining the society of the Holy, I was given the Lord's Name.

    Gauri M5, 183-8

The Name can only be obtained from the Master, the giver of Naam, and from nowhere else. Guru Nanak accordingly advises that one should get the gift of the Name whenever there is an opportunity to do so, and should practise it through the Grace of the Master, thus fulfilling the real purpose of one's life. Caste or creed do not stand in the way.

Go where you can get the Lord's Name; and by the Guru's Grace, practise devotion to it.

Asa M1, 415-1

To obtain this Naam, initiation from a Perfect Adept is necessary. One should also keep the company of the Saints so that, influenced by their magnetic spiritual personality, one may make rapid progress inwardly. 

If one carries out this practice by merely reading some books he can get no benefit, since even a small mistake may mislead him. Where there are currents of the Name within, there are also currents of both Kal and Maya, and these can cause one's downfall through lust and anger. Those who do not enjoy the protection of the Master may fall a prey to the deceptions of Kal and Maya. Those who practise the Dhun-atmak Name without a Master hear the inner sounds of Maya and Kal. 

A disciple should therefore, contact a Perfect Master who has access to the highest spiritual region. After receiving initiation from him, his progress within will be fruitful.