Naam is the Devotee’s Mainstay

The Name sustains all creatures. It is their support. It is the helper and friend of all devotees. It is their caste and honour. They become calm and are at peace by practising It.

Nanak's only refuge is the Lord's Name, naught else is his support. The world is born to die and is ever destroyed; but one becomes eternal by clinging to the Master's presence.

Asa M4, 447-19

The Name of the Lord sustains the mind. It gives life and happiness to the mind. Naam is my caste, my honour, my family. It is my constant friend and gives me release.

Todi M5, 713-9

The True Name is my only sustenance, the True Name has removed all my worldly desires.

Ramkali M3, 917-9

Oh Saints, listen to Nanak's call to love the Lord's Name. The Lord's Name is my only support.

Ramkali M3, 917-11

Your Name alone helps the world to swim across. This alone is my hope; this alone is my mainstay.

Sri Rag M1, 24-14