The True Naam is secret and rare

The True Naam is secret even though it is present in everyone. But in order that it may manifest itself it is necessary to get initiation from a Saint who is Adept in its practice.

In the Kali Yuga the Naam lies hidden. Though the Lord fills every heart. The jewel of the Lord's Naam becomes manifest to those hearts that retire to the Guru's refuge.

Parbhati M3, 1334-14

One can get everything else in this world, but this secret Naam is unobtainable save to a rare devotee of the Master.

The Naam in this world is hard to attain, through the Master is the Name enshrined in the heart.

Sorath Var M3, 644-16

In the Kali Yuga precious is God's Name, through the Master's Word it is realized.

Gujri M3, 490-15