The Centre where the Name or Naam is heard

When the soul withdraws its attention from the body, it ascends and reaches the eight-petalled lotus behind the eyes, it hears the Name.

Oh Yogi, ask for the alms in the township of the body, then you will be blessed with the Name.

Ramkali M3, 908-15

There is a very sweet and captivating melody in the Name, on hearing which the soul is attracted to the spiritual regions, just as a needle is drawn towards a magnet, since our souls, the Name and the Lord have the same common substance. By the attraction of the Name the soul leaves the tomb of the body and rises out of it.

Maulana Rumi says:

If I were to tell even a little about the divine melodies, the dead would rise from their graves.

This Name is self-manifesting. In the first stage some Name of God is repeated and the attention is withdrawn from the external senses and gathered inside. Then Its melody becomes audible and one becomes intoxicated with Its sweetness and purity.

One becomes absorbed in the Name day and night; he is intoxicated and happy. 

 Ramkali M1, 946-12

Worldly intoxication is short-lived, but on becoming absorbed in the Name, the soul remains in ecstasy day and night without a break.

The ecstasy of the Name remains constant day and night.

Janam M1, Sakhi

Man lives by means of the Name, and without It he dies. By remembering It I live, by forgetting It I die.

Asa M1, 9-15

Oh my Lord, I live by praising your Name; without Naam there is no life. Oh Master, strengthen my faith in the Name.

 Sri Rag M4, 40-5

Unless the soul unites with this Unutterable Name, one does not get complete salvation.