The Melody of the Name

The Name has pure melody. It is resounding in every heart. After receiving instructions from a Master one can hear It. All religious scriptures speak of It.

The virtues of the Lord; the Melody of the Name and Word; the Vedas and Shastras praise them; the scriptures are full of them.

Gauri M5, 296-4

In the heart rings the melody of the Name, which is neither subdued nor can it be evaluated. Without the Name everyone is a pauper, this I have learnt from my Master.

Sarang M1, 1232-10

By hearing the Inner Sound one knows himself, and gets the benefit of the Name. By hearing the Name sins are expiated, and the mind becomes pure. Oh Nanak, blessed are those who hear the Name. A devotee always meditates on It.

Sarang Var M4, 1240-16

The story about Mian Mitha, in the Sakhi, given earlier, shows that there is Melody in the Name or Naam.