The Name is the Creator of All

The Name is the divine Sound or Shabd. When the Sound was unmanifested it was nameless. There was no creation previous to its manifestation. It had no form. From It arose a wave that created all. All the creation is sustained by the Name. It is the beginning and the end of all. 

The Gurbani says that in the beginning the unmanifested assumed the form of the Name.

He manifested Himself and assumed the form of the Name.

Asa Var M1, 463-4

All this creation is a manifestation of the Name. There is nothing else except It. Since the entire creation emanated from It, then what else is there that can sustain the creation?

All the creation is within the Name, there is no place that is outside of the Name.

Jap Ji, 4-9

The sentient and the insentient, the manifest and the unmanifest, all are from Him.

All was created by the Name; one cannot know it except through a perfect Master.

Suhi M3, 753-5

The Name is the creator of the entire universe, and It sustains all.

God is the great Name, which created all creatures. He pervades all and sustains them.

Sri Rag M4, 81-15

All emanate from the Name and by giving It up die.

Sorath M3, 603-7

All the regions, all the universes, the sky, the nether-worlds and all habitations, palaces, as well as their inhabitants, were created by the Name. 

Guru Arjan, in the Sukhmani, sings beautifully the praises of the Name, the Creator:

The Name sustains all creatures. The Name sustains all regions. The Name sustains the sky and the nether-world. The Name sustains all forms. The Name sustains all habitations and palaces. By hearing the Name all are saved.

 Gauri M5, 284-11

All the worlds, regions and ages exist by means of the Power of the Name. The universe, all divisions of the world rest only on the One Lord.

This the Guru has revealed, tearing off the veil of Maya. When the nine treasures of the Name are enshrined in the heart, why and where is one to run?

Gauri M5, 205-11