Real Worship that leads to Salvation is that of the Name

Real worship of the Lord is rare. It cannot be adequately described.

Oh Saints, rare is the worship of the Lord; one cannot adequately praise it.

M3 Ram Kali 910-5

Everything other than the Lord is unclean. What can we offer Him? All the world worships Him, but, as it is worldly, the worship is not fruitful. Those who are absorbed in the Shabd, are pure and blessed. There is no true worship save that of the Name. This is the real worship. The entire world is lost in delusion. So far as worship is concerned, many persons do it, but as they do not know the true method of worship, they are entangled in duality and doubt.

Everyone worships God, but the egotistical man knows not the Reality. If one is absorbed in the Word and his mind becomes pure, he truly worships. People are deluded. A true devotee realizes himself by meditating on the Name.

They who are attuned to the Lord through the Word, are pure beings and they sparkle with Truth. Without the Name, none can worship God. Without It the world wanders in doubt. The God-Conscious being realizes himself. Attuned to the Lord's Name.

He, the Immaculate God Himself, makes us worship Him through Guru's Word and makes it fruitful. If one worships, but knows not the way, His mind is stained with the love of the other. Only a true devotee knows what worship is, within his mind is enshrined the Lord's Name.

M3 Ram Kali 910-7