There are Myriads of Names of God, which One leads to Salvation?

The Lord has numerous names, which have been given to Him by wise men and seers in order to praise Him. Innumerable are His names.

Jap Ji, 4-7

The Lord pervades all. He is independent, and has no equal. He is the supreme Lord and Cause of all. He is nameless and has no name. He has been described variously by the Saints as Unfathomable, Agam, Invisible, Alakh, True Being, Sat Purush, True Name, Sat Naam, The One, Ekamkar, the Perfect Conscious Being, Puran Chetan Purush, the Great Lord, Ram Rai, Timeless, Akal, and so forth. 

He is Alakh, Invisible, because He cannot be seen, and Unfathomable, because he cannot be known. Similarly, holy men have named the Lord of the three worlds 'Without Word', Neh Akshar, Transcendental one, Par Brahm, Word, Akshar Brahm, and Ultimate Being, Shar Purush, as well as Lord of Justice, Dharam Rai, and Kal, Negative Power – Time. 

Many other names have been given to Him, keeping in view some of His virtues, such as Ram, Rahim, Girdhari, Murari, Allah, Khuda and Wahguru. The Jews and Christians call Him Jehova. We are a sacrifice to all these names.

I am a sacrifice to all the Names You have.

Basant M1, 1168-14