The Need for and Greatness of Naam

For rising to the spiritual regions the wings of  Naam are required. Those who wish to see the Lord in His Glory can have the wings of Naam and fly to those regions.

You should fly in the sky of the pure spiritual region. – For this it is necessary to fly with the feathers and the wings of Naam of the Lord.

If you really desire to meet Him, you should repeat His Name. He is not separate from His Naam.

If you wish to meet the Reality, repeat His Name. You will unite with God if you unite with His Naam. You will certainly remain with God day and night; provided the Naam of God is with you always.

The Naam destroys all sins. One becomes one-pointed and worldly desires do not trouble him. Unite with the Naam and without any trouble you will become pure and His Light will shine in you.

Your heart will shine with the Light of the beloved, if it is cleaned with His Naam.

Kabir Sahib has sung the praise of Naam in a charming manner. 

He says:

If there is a gramme of Naam and a thousand grammes of sins, Half a gramme of the Naam in the heart burns all sins to ashes. By repeating the Name the dark spots of desires are washed away. Just as a spark burns up a hay stack. By repeating the Name, the snares of the mind and maya are burned; in a moment all the dualities of this world vanish.

He who possesses the wealth of Naam has all the occult powers.

All occult powers are slaves of Naam; He who possesses the wealth of Naam has all powers. The eight spiritual powers and the nine occult powers, all stand with folded hands before him.

Whoever unites with the Naam, whether he be good or bad, wise or unwise, is taken across this world by It. By sitting near water or fire we feel cold or hot. Similarly, the touch of the Naam affects our inner self. Whether we repeat the Name with love or without love, lazily or enthusiastically, It cannot but affect us. 

Saint Tulsi Das says in the Ramayana:

The repetition of the Name produces happiness all over; whether done with love, or without love, or with laziness.

Ramayana, Balkand 27

Naam is engrossing and intoxicating. 

Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti says: "That the Glory of the Name of the Lord has taken hold of my heart and life and has quenched my thirst with the sweet drink of union with Him".

The Glory of the Name of God Took hold of my life and heart; my thirst was quenched with the Nectar of Naam of the Lord.