The Timeless (Anhad) Shabd

The Shabd is of two kinds – ahad and anhad. Ahad is the Shabd or Sound which is produced by striking two objects against each other. All outer sounds fall in this category. Anhad is that which is free from this limitation and is independent. The Muslim holy men who call it Anhad, say that it is a continuous Sound which is not perishable.

Listen to the unending Sound, It is free and unending.

Niaz Shah

As its beginning and end are without limit, It is called Anhad (without limit). The Supreme Lord is silence. He is the ruler of the entire universe. Shabd is unmanifest there.

He is the Lord of all places. His Shabd rings there.

M5 Sorath 621-12

The Lord is without form. He manifests as Unending Sound. Anhad has no form, no sign; It is a subtle Sound from the Immaculate One.

M1 Asa 351-2

There is light in it and melody springs from it. In the cave of equipoise have I my seat And rings there the luminous and unending music.

M5 Asa 370-15

The melody of Anhad (Unending Sound) rings loudly. My mind is filled with the essence of the Lord.

M1 Ram Kali 879-7.

This melody of Anhad resounds all the time without a break.

Within him rings the Anhad Shabd And he is then imbued with God's Essence.

M4 Jetsari 698-3

The Anhad Shabd is ringing day and night.

M1 Ram Kali 904-7

The melody of Anhad is very blissful and is beyond description.

Myriads of blissful melodies, of Shabd continue ceaselessly, Of whose delight there is no limit, no end.

M5 Sarang 1236-11

Many kinds of melodies are resounding at the door of the Master.

It rids us of the woes of myriads of births, And we hear the Anhad Shabd ringing at His Court.

M5 Bhairon 1137-10

O! What is the sign of the Lord's Abode? There rings the Anhad Melody.

Beni Ji Ram Kali 974-7

This Anhad Shabd is resounding in the sky of every mind.

The Anahat (unstruck music) is ringing at His door. The Name of the Lord is abiding in every heart.

M5 Vadhans 578-14

The devotee abides in heaven. He looks upon all alike, For he is dyed in the unstruck Melody.

M1 Ram Kali 907-7

When the soul withdraws from the nine doors of the body and enters the tenth door, it can hear the Anhad Music.

He who closes the nine doors And stills his wandering mind, Enters he through the tenth door his Original Home. Hears he day and night the unstruck Music Through the Guru's instructions.

M3 Majh 124-12

When I closed the doors of my body, I heard the Anhad Music.

Kabir, Sorath 656-10

Bhai Gurdas Ji also describes the Anhad Shabd.

The soul is absorbed in the Shabd. It becomes satisfied on hearing the Melody.

Var 19 Pauri 8

I realized the Anhad Music, When my soul abided in the Shabd.

Var 19 Pauri 21

The Anhad Shabd (unstruck music) is perfect knowledge and contemplation. It is a recital of God's Name. One gets salvation by listening to It.

One listens to recitals about the Lord. One gets perfect knowledge and contemplation. The Anhad breaks all the worldly bonds. By its melody the devotee realizes the Lord.

M5 Suhi 783-12

The unending music is wonderful. It cannot be obtained by our own mental processes or activities. It can only be had as a result of the Grace of the Master. It is the supreme gift of a perfect Master.

The melodious unending Music is heard Only by following the directions of the Master.

M1 Sri Rag 21-2

The unending Music is wonderfully pleasing; It is the supreme gift of a perfect Master.

M5 Bhairon 1143-6

O Nanak, he who has a perfect Master, Hears the unending music.

M5 Asa 393-16

This music is the means of uniting the soul with the Lord and when it manifests itself, the soul enjoys the bliss of the Lord.

The Unstruck Music resounds at my true Home, I sit on the same bed with my Lord. O Nanak, I have found the Lord. He is my spouse and I live in peace.

M5 Gauri 247-18

It is only a Gurmukh who can hear this Music. It cannot be heard by an egotistic person.

Lo, the Lord has manifested His wonder, And I hear the unstruck Melody of the Word. The self-willed have strayed from the path. To God-Oriented ones the mystery is revealed. The Creator produces the Cause that causes all of this.

M3 Bhairon 1154-2

Through the practice of listening to this Music, all sins, impurities and afflictions are removed. The pains of many births are eliminated and one gains bliss. Doubts and fears are destroyed. One enjoys heavenly bliss and dwells in his original Home. The souls of God-men leave their bodies and become absorbed in the unending Music. This Music is the gift of the Lord. If it is so ordained, one gets it through the Master.