Shabd is realized only by a rare Devotee

Everyone desires to see the Lord, but it is only a rare soul that can realize Him through the Shabd.

How many there are who crave for Your vision. But it is only a rare one, To whom You are revealed through the Guru's Shabd.

Basant M1, 1188-12

The human body is the temple of the Lord. The Shabd is inside it and can be easily realized. It is the birthright of all. Whether one is rich or poor, literate or illiterate, belonging to one country or religion or another, all can realize the Shabd by receiving initiation from a perfect Master. 

After becoming a devotee, we can easily practise listening to the Sound and this practice quickly bears fruit.

The Lord's temple is also the Lord's shop, embellished with the Word. And therein is sold the Lord's Name and it is through the Guru that one obtains it.

 Prabhati M3, 1346-12

Without the Shabd is the whole world senseless, and wastes away the opportunity of life. The Shabd is the only Nectar, and through the Guru it is received. 

Sorath Var M4, 644-5

The self-centred man cannot recognize the Shabd because of the restlessness of his mind. He is, therefore, deprived of its taste.

The restless mind knows not the way. The egocentric is not pure in mind and hears not the Word.

Asa M1, 415-3.T

he self-centred know not the Name. Without the Name they lose honour. They are torn by duality, and love not the taste of the Word.

Sri Rag M3, 28-9

The man of riches is blind and deaf and remains entangled in darkness and doubts, for he does not hear the Shabd.

The favoured of Mammon are blind and deaf, they can never be attuned to the Heavenly Harmony.

 Gauri Var M4, 313-18