What is Devotion to Shabd?

Devotion to the Shabd consists in turning inward and listening one-pointedly to its Melody. The Sound is subtle, and unless we ourselves become subtle, we cannot hear it. The Shabd is the cause of consciousness. Our soul is a particle of the Lord, and the Lord pervades the whole universe in the form of the Shabd. 

To connect the soul with the Shabd is to connect the soul with the Lord.

By realizing the Shabd, the Lord is realized and one's service is fruitful.

 Sri Rag M3, 27-9

In order to be connected with the Sound, the soul should be devoid of all worldly coverings. Unless we meet a Saint, who is an adept in the practice of the Shabd and obtain the boon of the Shabd from him, the soul which is entangled in the fetters of the mind and the matter, cannot gain release and return to its Original Home.