Shabd is All-Pervading

The Shabd is within us. It exists in all the Four Ages and is all-pervading.

Oh Avdhu, in all the Four Ages, men devoted themselves to the Sound and became attuned to it.

 Ramkali M1, 908-8

It is everywhere. Everything is full of the Sound. It is the form of the Lord. It is not far away from us. It hears and sees everything.

Oh mind, think not the Lord is afar. His presence is always near. He hears and sees all. And He is contained in the Word.

Asa M3, 429-l

The Shabd is the Lord's Law which pervades everywhere and is within all.

Your Law pervades on all the four directions. Your Name pervades even the four sides of the under-world. The Shabd pervades everywhere. We meet You through Your infinite Grace.

Malar M1, 1275-13