The Shabd is the True Treasure


The Gurbani says that the best of all practices is the practice of listening to the Shabd. This is acceptable to the Lord and leads to salvation.

The practice of listening to the Shabd is the true spiritual practice.

Majh M3, 114-10

The practice of the Guru's Shabd is the true practice.

Prabhati M1, 1344-19

No other spiritual practice can lead us to Reality. Man is entangled in the darkness of worldly attachments.

Guru Nanak says:

In this world the practice of (listening to) the Shabd is the only true deed. Without the Shabd one is enveloped in ignorance.

Prabhati M1, 1342-10

In this Iron Age only devotion to the Shabd is fruitful in developing spirituality.

In the Iron Age know the greatness of the Shabd, by devotion to It pride is removed.

Asa M3, 424-1

Man can attain salvation only by means of the Shabd. Through it alone man turns from glass into gold and is transformed from poison into nectar.

By listening to the Sound, glass turns into gold, and poison becomes nectar when the Naam given by the Master is practised.

Sawayya M4, 1399-10

In this way, one achieves the mission of his life.

Fruitful is the life of a god-man Who is attuned to the True Word. The Lord illumines his inner self and he abides in peace.

Suhi M3, 755-4