Shabd is Nectar

The Gurbani also describes the Shabd as Nectar – the Nectar that makes us immortal. This power is possessed only by the Shabd. The Shabd of the Guru is that Nectar, the drinking of which rids us of all our cravings and merges us in the True Lord.

The Guru's Word is the Nectar; he who drinks it quenches his thirst. The mind is dyed in Truth. And it merges with the Truth.

Sri Rag M3, 35-8

The whole world is senseless without the Shabd and human life is being wasted. The Shabd alone is Nectar which is realized only by a devotee.

Without the Word is the whole world senseless, and wastes away the opportunity of life. Nanak! the Word is the only Nectar, and only a true devotee finds it.

Sorath Var M4, 644-6

The Nectar is overflowing within us but egotistic persons do not enjoy it. They are like the musk deer, which has musk in its navel but wanders about searching for it, being ignorant of its presence within its body.

The Nectar fills the house, but vain persons know it not. The deer knows not the musk; it wanders in delusion.

Sorath Var M3, 644-2

The pool of Nectar is within us. The soul of a man can gain possession of this Nectar through the Shabd and drink it.

Within you is the well filled with Nectar, draw it out through Shabd and drink it.