Which is the Place where the Shabd is heard?

There are ten doors of the body. Nine are outer, and one is inner.

The fort of the body has nine doors. The tenth is kept secret. The secret door will not open. Only the Shabd of the Master can open it.

Ramkali Var M3, 954-13

So long as the soul wanders in the outer nine doors, it is being robbed of its birth-right. It is not able to see the precious inner treasure. There is, however, the tenth door, where the Heavenly Music is heard.

Oh damsel fair, you searched in all the nine doors. But did not find the precious treasure. Oh Kabir! The nine doors hold it not; It is in the tenth door.

Kabir, Gauri 339-13

Guru Ram Das also says that one should turn the attention of the soul away from the nine doors and, after controlling the senses and the wandering mind, should take the soul to the tenth door from which a path leads upwards to the Original Home. The Unstruck Music is resounding there day and night, but this can only be heard by following Gurumat, the Master's directions.

He who closes the nine doors and stills his wandering mind, enters through the tenth door his Original Home. Hears he day and night the Unstruck Music through the Guru's instructions.

Majh M3, 124-13

Guru Nanak lucidly explains that this Shabd transcends Ida, Pingla and Sushmana (inner places concentrated on by yogis) and can be heard only through the Grace of the Master.

He knows Ida, Pingla and Sushmana he sees for himself the unseeable. Oh Nanak! The True Master takes one beyond them He merges him in the Sound.

Ramkali M1, 944-18

So far as mind, maya and matter are concerned, the Shabd works in co-ordination with them. Beyond them it is both subtle and pure.